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The Business Model Navigator

More than 50,000 copies sold and translated into 11 languages. This book provides a proven systematic approach to business model innovation. Read it and become a better business model innovator.


BMI Pattern Cards

Analyzing a century of innovative companies, we identified 55 successful patterns that explain more 90 percent of their business models. Use them to unlock innovation at your company.

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The Business Model Navigator Working Paper

For a sneak peek of the content of the Business Model Navigator, check out the working paper, containing information on the methodology used, a quick summary of the 55 patterns and a list of companies that have used each pattern to successfully innovate their business model.

The BMI Map

The Tube Map provides a visual overview about all 55 business model patterns and 250 companies that used a re-combination of patterns to innovate and disrupt their industries. Download the BMI Map and follow back to the roots of the most successful patterns.

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