We help you to design and implement new business models with our systematic approach developed by the University of St.Gallen.

Maturity Check

Is your company ready for a business model innovation project?

We have created the BMI Maturity Check for you to better understand where you stand to more successfully anchor BMI at your company. A one-day workshop (alternatively with interviews) determines your company's strengths and weaknesses with respect to innovation. The results of the workshop allow us to suggest solutions for improvement.
For a quick initial assessment, the free online Check is coming soon.


Overall BMI Maturity score and identified weaknesses  

Best practices and suggestions for improvement

The BMI Launchpad


The BMI Launchpad is our integrated offering to bring novel business models to the market. Based on the well-proven methodology of the St.Gallen Business Model Navigator we support companies from ideating innovative business model ideas to piloting them on the market within six months.

In a joint team of employees of the company and BMI Lab experts we provide guidance and expertise to continuously test and adapt the business model. Through our vast network of co-operation partners we flexibly add capabilities where needed, e.g. for design or software development.


Reduced risks, high probability of success and speed to market

Continuous guided testing and development of incremental prototypes

Support by partners in various areas of expertise (UX, programming,…)

Straightforward go-/no-go recommendation at each learning milestone

For more information get in touch with Georg Ropp, Head of Advisory. georg.ropp@bmilab.com